Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

I came from space, 2020 - 2021


The installation addresses the fragile relationship between people, nature and the environment. The viewer is reflected in fragments on the moving columns, broken by light reflections and the tree bark motifs. He finds himself in a kind of space between the rooms, which makes him part of the installation for a brief moment. Since this space is practically endlessly distorted by the overlapping reflections and its image alienated, the environment can be perceived anew and one's own relationship to nature questioned.

i came from space, it was cold,

in between is void,

expanding endless darkness,

no air for me to breathe,

what is home


Dreiecksbeziehung, 2021


The work "triangular relationship" consists of several mirrored light columns with a triangular base. Its surface is printed with a tree bark motif, which is partially broken through by light that radiates diffusely from the interior of the pillars. The crack-like light silhouettes are based on photographs of crumpled aluminum foil on which light is reflected. It was precisely these glossy illuminated areas of the photos that were cut out like a silhouette on the mirror surface in order to model the surface texture of the columns using artificial light: the negative form of the original photograph of shimmering aluminum foil texture is now optically combined with the motif of tree bark through the medium of light.

mirror, 2021


With the look in the mirror, “Mirror”,  the viewer looks at himself through a filter. Its reflection is distorted and deformed by the structure of the bark. He perceives himself as human bark. The work focuses on the fragile relationship between man and nature. The gaze is reinterpreted and the narcissist is barely recognizable. Nature overlays and plays with the ego and at the same time tries to win over the viewer's empathy.

meteorite, 2021


The last work "Meteorite" shows the formation of the building blocks for life on earth. In carbonaceous meteorites, many basic structures of the hereditary molecules DNA and RNA are found. These building blocks are represented with light radiating from the meteorite, which is represented by imprinted glass. The moving meteorite fills the space with illuminated structures and shadows. As in the primordial soup of the universe, you see the initial building blocks of life on earth.

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