Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

Light art by Betty Rieckmann for Credit Suiss

The young, American light artist Betty Rieckmann has received her diploma in fine arts at the Academy of fine Arts Karlsruhe and a bachelor in Lighting Design Karlsruhe Art Academy and the HAWK Hildesheim and has received numerous awards. In summer 2017 the art agency was able to arrange a large two-part commission for the Linklaters reception area in the T8 high-rise at the Taunusanlage in the center of Frankfurt.


Text: Cornelia Saalfrank, curator

Expansion of the SCHUFA art collection: JUNGE FARBRAUMWELTEN

Analogous to the FARRAUMWELTEN collection concept, contemporary art was integrated in a new extension in December 2016. After a long selection process, the choice fell on 3 representatives of the younger generation of artists, who enriched the SCHUFA art collection with a total of 4 works of art under the title JUNGE FABRAUMWELTEN.


The artist Betty Rieckmann (* 1986), who lives in Karlsruhe, is represented with two wall objects that shine in changing color tones, thereby adding to the collection the previously unrepresented area of ​​light art


Text: Cornelia Saalfrank, curator

"a morphing Frank Stella" goes to the collection of Marli Hoppe-Ritter

The light work "a morphing Frank Stella" has found a new home in the collection of

Marli Hoppe Ritter in the Museum Ritter 

in Waldenbuch, Germany.

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