Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

embodiment of brilliance, 2021


There are people with bright minds and people with brilliant minds. The first light up their surroundings, the second darken them.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.


My first Embodiment of Brilliance work explores the glare reflection of light in the so called "Dutch Golden Age". I reinterpreted the still lives of the Netherlands and represented the brilliance with light and not the color white. Brilliance or sheen extinguishes the materialist of its bearer and is a local glare. From this I would like to go a step further this year and create studies and works on immaterial sculpture that only consist of brilliance. Sculptures and Virtuel Realtiy installations that literally dissolve the shape of the object. At the same time, I would like to expand my paper on gloss perception into a new document and publish it. In the book I not only want to write about the so called "Dutch Golden Age"  and the brilliance, but also integrate current socio-critical reflections.


The perception of brilliance is seeing of light, seeing nothing. (Das Sehen von Glanz ist das Sehen von Licht, von Nichts)

Betty Rieckmann

Fusion, 2019


This work shows a fusion of brilliance from different rooms. The most shiney spots on my work in my studio are cut out from a certain perspective. The holes are covered from the backside with an opaque translucent film and it is balcklite of them it is backlit. This now immitates the cut out brilliance. The work was then presented in an exhibition. The shiny surface of the work creates additional real shiny spots. At the same time, the work shows the extinction of the material of gloss and changes non-stop with every presentation. the work litteraly is on the edge of dissolving.

backside of brilliance, 2019


In connection with the first presentation, "embodiment of brilliance" 2014, where the front was shown, I no longer want to glorify the shine, but rather to show that it dazzles and darkens its surroundings. A brillinace acts like a local glare and extinguishes the material of its wearer. It is impossible to draw conclusions about the carrier of the gloss based on the glossy areas. Various information gets lost in the transition. The shine stands alone.

embodiment of brilliance, 2014


Embodiment of Brilliance is a work in which I explore the gloss reflection of light in the so called "Dutch Golden Age". What is light and what do we really see? This era led to a different understanding of the world. Here I show the hard shine in its purest form, as light and not in the color white. The photo of crumpled aluminum foil is printed on the front and light is only emitted from the cut out brilliance.This way the sheen is shown in its true nature, as light which is always brighter than the color white.

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