Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

As a light artist, my work is originally oriented to painterly representation of light, so-called light paintings. Through the still lifes of 17th century Dutch painting, I developed an interest in the light phenomenon of shine, a reflection phenomenon as a symbol of spiritual development and social processes. In my reinterpretations of these still lifes, I try to reproduce the purity of brilliance with artificial light. In this way I come closer to the shine than the color white is able to do. 


Later, the study of James Turrell's light spaces and concrete painting led me to constructions of light images from light spaces. My attention was also focused on the biological effect of light on humans. The resulting "A morphing Frank Stella" and "between clouds" series have an attractive, calming, hypnotic effect on the viewer. Here the viewer experiences an apparent change in the dimensions of the work, physical properties of light and the rhythmic intervals of color change work together here.


With the human being in the center, my works changed to double reflections. Light is here an artistic instrument to evoke in the viewer a parallel exploration of space and self. The emotional as well as physical experience of light makes it possible to reveal intimate, inner and fragile questions, the work with light thus creates new spaces between already existing ones for the viewer. A spiritual connecting that is the language of emotions and echoes in our dreams. The work with light creates spaces and paths into the subconscious, only through reflection, absorption , dispersion light glides into the world of the conscious.


The connection of psychoanalytical processes, scientific phenomena and socio-critical questioning of values is a central object of research for my artistic work. 

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