Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

In 2012 I completed my Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. Towards the end of my studies I got interested in light and light art. In order to be able to deal more deeply with the subject of light I applied at the University of Applied Science and Art in Hildesheim where my main fokus was in Lighing Design. Here I was able not only to study the biological and physical effects of light, but also to deepen and expand my philosophical and artistic skills. In my Thesis I devoted myself to the perception of gloss, a phenomenon which extinguishes the materiality of its object and only appears in the real visual world. A new work was created that reinterprets the still life of the Light Era in the Netherlands. Dedicated to splendor, ideas and works of art still flourish today.


After my graduation in 2015, I worked as a cook for a few years, back in Karlsruhe, while doing art. In 2018, I swapped my part-time job and moved to an engineering office who manufacture their own hard- and software, LEDs and lighting systems. Here I was able to apply and deepen my lighting knowledge in marketing and in project work. The most interesting part for me was to get a glimpse into hard- and software development where I gained new insights and friends from there technological departments.


In 2018 I supported Norbert Wasserfurth in a light workshop with a Lighting Design course at the HAWK Hildesheim Text excerpt: “Imagine you are working in the open air.” This idea explored the group initially with funds from design research. What is special about this examination is the addition of self-experience and greater consideration of the perceptual psychological and design aspects of the lighting effect.

Light and emotions is a subject that I still deal with today. What is that what we see / feel in the dream. Which landscape archetypes are there and which emotions are associated with them - how do they change through cultural imprinting?


In 2019 I was invited to give a lecture as a prelude to a light excursion on the subject of light and space in the class of Prof. Karlin Lindena at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. Using my light work “a morphing Frank Stella”, various color compositions were analyzed and discussed. In the same year I started to read and explore the subject of brilliance again and showed it from a different point of view.


My second interest is tied to science and research. From space exploration and the cold spot to neutrinos in the deep ice layers of the Antarctic, my gaze wanders further to genetic engineering and biotechnology. The fusion of art and science is my defining essence.


As a light artist, I not only play with the light that makes objects appear but also with the matter that makes the light visible. The matterless and the matter need each other. Combined with curiosity for scientific phenomena, the entire situation is redesigned through minimal interventions. The works allow the viewer to penetrate a space between the romms and reexamine the view of his sourroundings, the world and finally himself. It`s about the journey to oneself. The light becomes a communication supplier and a bridge to the subconscious. The light works are thus double reflections: of material and the thoughts. On the border to immateriality, not only the light is shaped, but rather our feeling, the essence of dreams.

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