Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

silent communications, stars 2017

site-specific installation of LED lights, smartphone application.



Silent Communications remains silent due to the fact that communication between the work and its visitor happens via light. Short and long light signals vary after each other following the rules of a Morse alphabet. The development of telegraphy and Morse code dates back to the ‘1830s, when Samuel F. B.  Morse took part in the development of an electrical telegraph system. This code system is out of use for several decades, apart from a few connoisseurs, one can hardly decipher the blinking light. A smart phone application is related to the installation, which is way more suitable to the contemporary Zeitgeist, as bare Morse code. Using the application the phone can directly translate the flicker to text, thus the visitor can encode the messages transmitted by each LED light, which are all related to code, and its genealogy from Morse to binary and digital. Thanks to the FZI Karlsruhe who developed this smart application called “Quoting Stars” is free for download on every android device. 

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