Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

light trees, 2015


By heating the PMMA tubes in certain spots you can break the strict and straight form of the tubes and deform them. These deformed tubes look like and resemble tree stumps or abstract beings that have been worn down by wind and weather over a long period of time. These tree stumps glow in white light. They seem forgotten and hopelessly lost standing there alone. Only by interacting with these sculptures, by passing by, energy from humans passes over to the light trees activating them from their eternal sleep. Every light tree responds with a different colorful light message.
And in this way their souls will be set free.



Support and collaboration: B.A. Tom Stöckl

Programming: Dr. René Heller, Dipl- Des. Michael Helmbrecht

Film: Richard Dahlmann

Music: Stephie Krah, Ludwig Kuckartz

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