Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

enlightenment machine, 2016

Interactive light installation consisting of 12 3 meter long satinized PMMA tubes with a 140 millimeter diameter; inside mounted digital RGB-LEDs, a MIDI keyboard, DMX-exits, with 12 concrete footings with stainless steel mountings (brackets).

Space requirements: 6 meters x 6 meters

In 1919 Thomas Wilfred created with his Clavilux a perfect experience of art by combining music, light and space in one piece of art. Unfortunately most people did not have a chance to see this piece of art, as it was only presented once in a museum.

Enlightenment machine is my interpretation of Thomas Wilfred’s Clavilux. It is a light instrument and translates keyboard music (notes) into different light colors. Major and Minor have a special programming. If a C major is being played the light will rise up an fill the rod and when a C minor is being played the tubes light will run down inside. So if the C tube has the color red, the C major tubes, C, E and F will fill up with red color and the C minor tubes if being played will rise down with the color red. Also the longer you hold a key the more the light pixel will spread. Every tube has 7 light pixels at differnt hights so show the 7 different tone ranges on the piano. By interacting with the keys of the keyboard, the spectator/viewer becomes a light composer. 

The overlaying/superposition of notes is also reflected in the choreography of the light.

Piano or keyboard experience is not necessary to make this artwork come to live. Curiosity and playfulness bring the artwork to lighten up and radiate.


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