Betty Rieckmann
Betty Rieckmann

embodiment of brilliance, 2014


Brilliance, or sheen, is a light phenomenon that is regarded as a special case of reflection on smooth surfaces, aided by a concentrated light source. The reflection obscures the materiality of the object and you only see the pure light. To show brilliance in art works, painters have used the color white, as this is the closest to light. Therefore they eliminated the color of the object at that precise point. With my work 'embodiment of brilliance', I want to take an additional step and eliminate the materiality of my object and show the brilliance in its purest form, as light. This way I can recreate the original brightness that sheen or brilliance have. The luminance of gloss can only be seen in reality. As soon as you print or paint a picture of gloss you loose its light density. Light is always brighter than a painted white or a piece of white paper. For this project I will print pictures of aluminum foil in a matte format. The white areas on the paper represent the sheen. I will cut out these areas. Then the picture will be attached to the front of a lighted box. This ensures that only light can come out of the cut out areas instead of the white paper. In order to see the whole picture I will present it in a light colored surrounding. With this project 'embodiment of gloss' I will have pure light appear as sheen. I remove the material of the object, in this case the white areas of the paper of the copied picture. Therefore only the pure light takes the place of the reflection. Another characteristic feature of gloss is that it gives the impression of being on a different plane. It has a different perceived depth from the object on which it occurs. This depth perception will also be realized with light. We don't see light, we see its' message. Our surroundings, the world. The message of brilliance is the light, the void. 
Please note that you have to visually see the artwork. By showing it on pictures you take away the light density that gloss or brilliance have.


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